Snow Day!


Waking up to snow the morning after your work Christmas Party is a welcome way to dust off the cobwebs.

I also love an opportunity to take photos.

You’d never know these photos were taken behind a business park just off junction 16 of the m4 would you?!

Without appropriate footwear and with the fear of being stranded and unable to get home to our pyjamas and a duvet afternoon, this was as adventurous as we managed to be.


the hobsons|choice Christmas makeover

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It’s ok to self-appoint yourself as head of Christmas, right..?

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Working in such a stunning kitchen showroom, I was over-excited about it’s Christmas makeover very early in November.

Floor 1 a

Showroom dressing and visual merchandising has always been a strong interest of mine, so being given free reign on such a showroom was a privilege and a pleasure.

Groundfloor b

The excitement materialised. Who wouldn’t want to get themselves lost in the John Lewis Christmas department?!

christmas tree.jpg

The tree selection

I had so much fun browsing pinterest, visiting florists, purchasing decorations and putting it all together that I wanted to share the journey.


As a team we agreed on a contemporary rustic theme. This adds warmth and ties in with the beautiful wood and veneer finishes already a part of our showroom.


Pine cones, twigs and Twisted Willow, Holly and Fir branches are inexpensive, if not free. Most of our branches and cuttings came from the team’s gardens or picked up on woodland dog walks.

Groundfloor a

I wanted to prove that this style of decor does not necessarily require you to spend a fortune.

Floor 1 table arrangement b

Pinterest gave me a lot of inspiration for table settings. With the beautiful bulthaup veneer wall panelling as a backdrop and the handmade Carl Hansen Elbow chairs to work with, it was important the table looked classy and elegant alongside them.

Floor 1 table arrangement

bulthaup and Carl Hansen’s colour palettes are perfect with the rustic theme.

Floor 1 f

The coasters make this, in my opinion.

Groundfloor f

Credit has to go to Crescent Flowers for digging these enormous branches out for me. It was touch and go whether they were going to fit in my car.

Groundfloor e

Tip: Don’t try and tie thread through glass baubles on a concrete floor. I learnt the hard way.

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My new obsession: filled baubles. A pretty way to add Christmas sparkle to the rusticity.

Groundfloor d

I hope this post provides you with some inspiration for your own Christmas decor.

If you haven’t got the decs up yet, happy decorating!

Merry Christmas!

Walnut & Blue bathroom palette

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I have been putting a bathroom scheme together for a client based around a palette of walnut and blue.

The painting on both moodboards is in the clients’ master bedroom, along with a wall decorated with walnut panelling and crisp white paint. It is important that the en-suite to this bedroom follows this theme to allow the two rooms to work as one.

2017.06.30_Tattersall_BA moodboard

The first scheme (above) uses a fairly light colour palette and creates depth using texture. Alongside the walnut panelling I have proposed using a concrete plaster on the walls and a dark grey textured porcelain floor tile. The blue will be introduced in the accessories, including some glass pendant lights.

Above are two examples of how concrete plaster works in bathrooms. The material is hard wearing, can be used in shower areas, and can be used in recesses for a sleek finish.

Below, the concrete plaster, walnut panelling and Porcelanosa Venis Newport tile in Dark Grey.

The second scheme (below) uses a slightly warmer colour palette, as I received feedback that, as the bathroom is quite large, the concrete and light palette feels a little cold. As we can afford to give the illusion of a smaller space in this room, I have replaced the concrete with copper panelling and a deep blue paint to add warmth.

2017.06.30_Tattersall_BA_REV B

Below is a closer look at the chosen palette. The paint is Farrow and Ball ‘Drawing Room Blue’, with the same walnut panels, the same Porcelanosa floor tile and the copper panelling.

Here are some examples of how a copper clad wall may look.

Watch this space for updates as the project progresses!

light up your garden

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Summer is in full swing meaning most of us are spending lots of time in our gardens.

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things about summer is being able to sit in the garden late into the evening. It can be so relaxing, particularly with nice lighting.

home garden

Candles are a lovely warm and subtle way to light the garden in the evening and create interesting shapes and shadows in the plants, too.

garden pendant

Candle holders do not necessarily need to be extravagant and expensive. Sometimes the most simple are the most effective. Candle holders can be made from many food storage items, meaning they are free(!), such as tin cans and glass jars. The advantage of this is that you can decorate them as you wish.

TinCanCandleHoldersDk440 copy.jpg

Here is a collection of simple, modern ways to light your garden with candles.


not on the high street.jpg

Pendants and hanging candle holders:

glass pendants

hanging tealight holders_MG_8527


glass candle stakestake


metal and glass


homemadebynatasha (and Becca) – CAKE

Food & Drink

Hands down the best cakes I have ever made. Even though I do say so myself.

IMG_8693 copy

I volunteered to make Mum’s birthday cake this year so tried to excel myself with a helping hand from my pro-baker housemate, Becca. Raspberries and white chocolate – two of my favourite things. Starting with cupcakes, I got carried away and soon found myself with far too much mixture and making a large cake, too.

Putting raspberries in the cake mixture made the cakes beautifully light and moist. And taste incredible!

IMG_8701 1100

To make the large cake slightly different to the cupcakes I made a white chocolate ganache to decorate, and then covered the top with raspberries. The photos below give you an idea of the mess made in the process!

Grating white chocolate on the top covered any imperfections and helped add even more yumminess.

IMG_8735 copy

It’s safe to say the feedback was all positive, and I haven’t made the cake since, purely to avoid eating it all!

Here is a little taster of the recipe I used.

White chocolate ganache (thanks Mary Berry)

Classic victoria sponge

  • 200g caster sugar
  • 200g butter
  • 5 eggs (gives a better rise!)
  • 200g self-raising flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 2tbs milk
  • 200g raspberries, halved
  • Raspberry jam for filling

White chocolate butter icing

  • 200g white chocolate
  • 280g unsalted butter
  • 280g icing sugar
  • splash of vanilla extract

Enjoy! xx

Large Open Plan Traditional Style Kitchen

Inspiration, Kitchen

This kitchen was designed for a newly built traditional-style home. The large kitchen is open plan to a comfy seating area, second to the main reception room.


Birdseye view

The island provides a lovely, vast cooking and social area at the centre of the open room.


Perspective of kitchen to reception space

The kitchen is a light bone colour as the room is north facing and does not benefit from much natural light.


Perspective of kitchen from reception space

With a granite surface on the sink side of the kitchen, the material is more practical around water than wood. The wood surfaces provide more warmth to the other parts of the kitchen that are open plan to the reception areas.


Floor plan