the hobsons|choice Christmas makeover

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It’s ok to self-appoint yourself as head of Christmas, right..?

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Working in such a stunning kitchen showroom, I was over-excited about it’s Christmas makeover very early in November.

Floor 1 a

Showroom dressing and visual merchandising has always been a strong interest of mine, so being given free reign on such a showroom was a privilege and a pleasure.

Groundfloor b

The excitement materialised. Who wouldn’t want to get themselves lost in the John Lewis Christmas department?!

christmas tree.jpg

The tree selection

I had so much fun browsing pinterest, visiting florists, purchasing decorations and putting it all together that I wanted to share the journey.


As a team we agreed on a contemporary rustic theme. This adds warmth and ties in with the beautiful wood and veneer finishes already a part of our showroom.


Pine cones, twigs and Twisted Willow, Holly and Fir branches are inexpensive, if not free. Most of our branches and cuttings came from the team’s gardens or picked up on woodland dog walks.

Groundfloor a

I wanted to prove that this style of decor does not necessarily require you to spend a fortune.

Floor 1 table arrangement b

Pinterest gave me a lot of inspiration for table settings. With the beautiful bulthaup veneer wall panelling as a backdrop and the handmade Carl Hansen Elbow chairs to work with, it was important the table looked classy and elegant alongside them.

Floor 1 table arrangement

bulthaup and Carl Hansen’s colour palettes are perfect with the rustic theme.

Floor 1 f

The coasters make this, in my opinion.

Groundfloor f

Credit has to go to Crescent Flowers for digging these enormous branches out for me. It was touch and go whether they were going to fit in my car.

Groundfloor e

Tip: Don’t try and tie thread through glass baubles on a concrete floor. I learnt the hard way.

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My new obsession: filled baubles. A pretty way to add Christmas sparkle to the rusticity.

Groundfloor d

I hope this post provides you with some inspiration for your own Christmas decor.

If you haven’t got the decs up yet, happy decorating!

Merry Christmas!


Back at last…

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My blog has been rather quiet for a while now as life has been a little busy; moving house, starting a new job, bridesmaid duties and holidays, have distracted my attention from my blogging.

Large Open Plan Traditional Style Kitchen

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This kitchen was designed for a newly built traditional-style home. The large kitchen is open plan to a comfy seating area, second to the main reception room.


Birdseye view

The island provides a lovely, vast cooking and social area at the centre of the open room.


Perspective of kitchen to reception space

The kitchen is a light bone colour as the room is north facing and does not benefit from much natural light.


Perspective of kitchen from reception space

With a granite surface on the sink side of the kitchen, the material is more practical around water than wood. The wood surfaces provide more warmth to the other parts of the kitchen that are open plan to the reception areas.


Floor plan



Swap your cereal box for a fruit bowl

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You are likely to be 21lbs (1.5 stone) heavier by having breakfast cereal on display in your kitchen, particularly if you are female. This is according to a study by Brian Wansick, an American professor in the fields of consumer behaviour and nutritional science. Participants of the same study that displayed fruit in their kitchen weighed 13lbs less than their neighbours that didn’t. The clip below is taken from Phil Spencer’s short on the ‘Perfect Kitchen’.

With this matter in mind, here is some fruit bowl inspiration. A very easy addition/change to the kitchen to help with the health-kick new year resolutions!

Screen shot 2017-01-09 at 20.13.13.png

Alessi, the Italian design company, have some interesting and unusual suggestions if you’re looking for a contemporary style.

If you prefer a wooden look, it can suit both a modern and a more traditional style of home. The example below from Habitat is bamboo, an inexpensive material.


The glass bowl below by LSA International would also suit both a modern and a traditional style home.


A home accessory post currently would not be complete without a hint of copper to suit the current trend…


Country Cottage Kitchens



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Today I visited a beautiful 18th century cottage in need of a new kitchen – my inspiration for this post.


Kitchens in small, old buildings such as cottages and farmhouses are often the most challenging to design and install. We can be faced with the issue of compactness, awkward dimensions, a lack of straight walls, a lack of insulation and exposure to damp to name a few.  The cottage I visited today doesn’t even have solid foundations, just sand! These challenges are also what give country cottages their wonderful character and unique-ness.


Specific cottage and farmhouse kitchen features will be covered in future posts to give you more to look forward to!