Handmade Christmas Gift Wrap


A little bit late but I wanted to share some of my Christmas wrapping designs…

One very quiet Sunday spent browsing handmade gift wrap on Pinterest inspired me to create my own design. I wanted to keep it simple but effective and was hunting the house for materials to make a Christmas-shape stamp from. I carved a simple tree shape out of a potato, put it in the gold ink pad and began stamping on brown parcel paper.

Christmas Gift Wrap

Once I had stamped about 10 metres of brown paper (I got a bit carried away!) I made some gift tags to match. I cut a simple gift tag shape out of white card and ripped a stamped tree to stick onto the tag.

To bring the gift wrap and tag together I was inspired by the photograph below. The Christmas Tree cut off added colour and texture to the design, and wrapping with string is an effective, different method to selotape.

Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

I bought some string from the stationery section in Oliver Bonas that went perfectly with my gold colour scheme and bought some Christmas tree cut offs from a local greengrocers for about £2.00. I put it all together and this was my end result (below).

Christmas Gift Wrap

Once I had wrapped all of my presents I put some of my homemade mince pies into a gift box and cut small pieces of Christmas tree branches and glued in the shape of a Christmas tree to fit in with my theme (below)…

Christmas Gift Wrap

…and had so much leftover mincemeat that I made it into a present too!

Homemade Mince Meat Gift Wrapped

I love to give gifts, and it was even more pleasurable to give gifts in homemade wrapping.

Country Cottage Kitchens



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Today I visited a beautiful 18th century cottage in need of a new kitchen – my inspiration for this post.


Kitchens in small, old buildings such as cottages and farmhouses are often the most challenging to design and install. We can be faced with the issue of compactness, awkward dimensions, a lack of straight walls, a lack of insulation and exposure to damp to name a few.  The cottage I visited today doesn’t even have solid foundations, just sand! These challenges are also what give country cottages their wonderful character and unique-ness.


Specific cottage and farmhouse kitchen features will be covered in future posts to give you more to look forward to!


The corner sofa

Home Styling

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The corner sofa is a fabulous piece of furniture for so many reasons. In this post we see how a corner sofa is perfect for open plan, multi-functional spaces.


The corner sofa creates a room within a room; it can make a very large room feel more cosy by creating a smaller space.


The corner sofa is particularly successful at providing segregation between a kitchen and a living room in an open plan space.